Culinary Tours:

Whether to a farmers' market, farm or forest, Chef Doris Fin will take you on a tour to explore what's local and in season, because things taste better when you know where they come from and even better when they're right next door!!

Farmers' Market: (Optional Interactive Culinary Class)

Depending on the season Chef Doris will guide a 2-hour journey through some of the freshest, brightest and delicious farmers markets around your area. You will get an in-depth explanation of various ingredients including fruits, veggies, wild edibles, spices, etc. and learn what to look for including colour, texture and other tips to keep in mind when shopping for your own produce before hitting up the kitchen and creating a nourishing meal for yourself. Also, during your tour, you will have an opportunity to learn directly from the farmer or producer about their ingredients/products available at the farmers' markets. Locals love sharing about the journey of their creations. And of course, no farmers' market adventure is complete without tasting at least one of the tasty dishes or beverages offered by many of the local vendors. 

Farm and Picnic: (optional Interactive Culinary Class)  In the Spring and Summer join Chef Doris on a farm close to you. Together you will explore the various foods growing right out of the soil. You will get to experience food right at its source and learn about their properties in cooking, including fruits, veggies, herbs, and whatever else is growing in that season at the time of your farm experience. You will have the opportunity to really appreciate and understand Mother Nature and get inspired to cook with local and fresh ingredients! A visit to a farm is not complete without a picnic of various delicious treats personally created by Chef Doris Fin. 

Foraging in a Forest: (Optional Interactive Culinary Class)

Throughout Spring, Summer and Fall, Mother Nature flaunts her delicacies across all forms of nature, from open fields to forests and beyond. During this culinary tour, you will have the opportunity to discover what is edible and how to use it in your meals. Get close and personal with the Earth beneath your feet and learn of food options from the wild side. A journey through the forest isn't complete without a picnic of tasty creations made by Chef Doris Fin.

Optional: Private Interactive Culinary Class using the fresh ingredients found at the farmers' market/farm/forest. Chef Doris will take you to a private kitchen to create 5 recipes in 3 hours using the ingredients described during your 1-2 hour adventure at the Farmers' Market or Farm.

Requirements: Attire permitted for weather and good walking shoes.