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Chef Doris Fin’s Story

Doris’ love for food and fresh ingredients (both exotic and local) began when she was seven years old. Her fascination and enthusiasm for culinary art ignited her passion to create magic in kitchens across the world. From childhood to adulthood her love for food adventures and cultural exchanges guided her path to become an International Award Winning Plant Based Chef.

Rather than becoming a chemist, biologist or scientist, Doris recognized her gift to make healthy food delicious. No matter what the ingredient, whether it be packaged, on the verge of expiration, straight from the garden, from the freezer or from leftovers, Doris’ ability to create something from “nothing” is described by many as alchemical, magical and delightful.

By the time Doris was 10 years old she was recreating beautiful dishes she came across from numerous cookbooks, cooking TV shows and with mothers in their kitchens throughout her neighbourhood. Now after over two decades even the most sceptical and picky eaters lick their fingers and don’t think twice about reaching for seconds when Doris’ creations are present.

Doris began her worldly travels at the age of eighteen, tickling her taste buds and educating herself with cuisines from all over. By going right to the source of their origin Doris learned about different spices, plants, sauces, grains, sweeteners, and various methods of cooking. She was curious to understand how different dishes were made using the same ingredient and why certain ingredients were better used in some dishes than others. No matter where she discovered food it was very evident that fresh, local and seasonal foods always tasted better as though they had more life to them. It’s no surprise she promotes eating local and seasonal and supporting local farmers and food growers.

During Doris’ worldly travels between 2006-2018, she exposed herself to all kinds of climates, environments and lifestyles. She experimented with all sorts of diets, food trends and fads and recognized that what works for some doesn’t and most often won’t work for others. However she learnt a variety of different ways to prepare dishes so she could satisfy just about every palate. From raw food, to vegan, gluten free, plant-based and even juice cleanses and sugar free preferences, Doris created amazing food and recipes to share with those seeking a little creativity and inspiration to compliment whatever lifestyle they currently live or want to live. Food is changing and Chef Doris recognizes the importance of constantly learning, remaining open to endless possibilities in the kitchen and discovering different ways to make food fun and delicious and even healthy!

Doris’ mission is to inspire and ignite the intuitive inner chef in you so that cooking becomes second nature and an exciting activity, even a passion,  rather than obligatory like a chore or just fuel to keep one going like a battery. Foods’ existence keeps our lives exciting, brings us pleasure and connects us to each other and to where we come from…the Earth.

Eat real food and allow it to ignite your mind and body with a drive that inspires you to connect to yourself and others. You are what you eat so eat real food and eat with joy and childish glee. You deserve it!