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Chef Doris Fin’s Story

Doris’ fascination with food and cooking began when she was seven years old. Whether cooking and eating with her own family or other families, Doris has always had an appreciation for what these two elements brought into her life. Gathering ingredients, cooking them, then feasting on them with others, the basis of life.

Since travelling from the age of eighteen, Doris has recognized the importance of community eating, understanding how food is grown, where it comes from and how it unites us. During her travels she explored various cultures and cuisines, cooked with locals, and discovered the importance of sustainability and the many uses, benefits, and cooking techniques of quality ingredients.

She has been teaching cooking classes for over a decade, catering events, and educating others about all of the above. It’s crucial that people reconnect to nature and reacquaint their palates to real food ingredients. The effort is worth the reward!

At this time, Doris is currently working on her first cookbook weaving her knowledge and the history of food to reawaken people to the endless possibilities of their birthright: gathering, cooking, and feasting; all innate necessities that have become to many as exotic and foreign as making bread.

Doris encourages people to eat more sustainable, while supporting and building relationships with local food producers, especially vendors at farmer’s markets and really get to know their food from seed to plate.

After more than two decades of cooking, over a decade of traveling, teaching hundreds of people, and feeding thousands, Doris has made it her mission to help people rediscover their love for real food.